1. Yesterday was awesome.


  2. Battenkill weekend is one of my favorite road racing weekends…mostly because it feels like a CX weekend.

    This year it was filled with rain, cold weather, the pace car getting our break lost, lots of food and some rad times.

    151 days until Cross


  3. Proper photos of my Stoemper.

    Raced it in torrential rain last weekend at Red Hook Crit



  5. The dudes at Stoemper hit this one out of the park. Beyond stocked to race on this tonight



  7. Anonymous asked: What camera do you use on your rides, just an iPhone?

    Most of the time, yes. Until I buy something next week.


  8. The Brooklyn Bridge is a huge part of my life.


  9. A weekend on the bike is always a good weekend



  11. I got a CAAD10 a while back.

    Took my time building it up.

    Race wheels coming soon.




  14. Anonymous asked: Can you upload some high res pics of your new CAAD? build looks great btw.

    Still tweaking. I will when it’s done. 


  15. Anonymous asked: Why don't you just attach the fenders to the 'cross bike and save the cannondale for nicer weather? is it a positioning thing?

    Lots of shuffling bikes around so the EVO is currently my commuter/winter beater until the actual commuter/winter beater is built