1. Anonymous said: How's your KCNC adapter on your Caad? Any problems right now or during installation?

    Grease it like a pig and it’ll treat you good.


  2. Dialing in the new CX bike.


  3. Spent some time on the west coast with some awesome people not too long ago. Here is what we were up to. 

    Be sure to look for my face meeting the ground around the 1:30 mark

    (Source: vimeo.com)


  4. Neversink Invitational 2014

    So much up. So much.


  5. We collaborated with ICNY to make some tee’s.

    They’ll be dropping soon.




  8. Bodega bike




  11. Anonymous said: Chris, I was wondering which trim of GoPro you used to record your RHC vids, did you use anything else like a mic or case? Thanks!

    For this years race I used the newest Black Edition one in the non-waterproof housing with a plastic bag tapped over the back because I forgot the waterproof one.

    Previous races were the model before the current one, which got stolen at a CX race.


  12. Sunset on Grand Isle, VT



  14. Climbing Cascade into Lake Placid


  15. Today was a good day